Ukraine President Zelensky in Kyiv Moscow

How Nancy Pelosi Visits Ukraine President Zelensky in Kyiv Moscow is recasting its fight with Ukraine as a broader war

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conflict with its smaller neighbor could spill over into a global clash.Washington journalists and power brokers dressed up in tuxedos and gowns to spend an evening schmoozing, networking, gossiping, preening and peacocking before returning to the office on Monday to savage one another again.

Ukrainian troops raised the flag above the town of Ruska Lozova, north of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city. Ukraine said Russian troops were continuing their efforts to gain full control of the Donbas region in the east of the country, where heavy fighting continued
Trump’s support has played differently in each state. In Ohio, it may be helping blunt the biggest

attack on “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance — the candidate’s past criticism of Trump. The former President’s backing of Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania may be having less of an immediate impact, especially considering voters may have already associated the two celebrity Republicans together. Trump weighed in on the North Carolina primary nearly a year ago, but his backing of US Rep. Ted Budd didn’t clear the GOP field. In Georgia, however, his commitment to

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