Ukraine grain crisis G7 warn

G7 warns of Ukraine grain crisis G7 warn of Ukraine grain crisis, ask China not to aid Russia

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In a statement Saturday at the end of a three-day meeting on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast, the G-7 nations also called on China not to help Russia.The G-7 nations also called on China not to help Russia, including by undermining international sanctions or justifying Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who hosted a meeting of top G-7 diplomats, said the war had become a global crisis . Baerbock said up to 50 million people, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, would face hunger in the coming months unless ways are found to release Ukrainian grain, which accounts for a sizeable share of the worldwide supply

Saturday that the war in Ukraine is stoking a global food and energy crisis which threatens poor countries, and urgent measures are needed to unblock stores of grain that Russia is preventing from leaving Ukraine.

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They said this included any moves by Beijing that could undermine international sanctions against Russia or justify Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

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