Saturday after pressure from members of his own party

UK lawmaker resigns after watching porn in Parliament Neil Parish, a member of Parliament since 2010, announced his decision Saturday after pressure from members of his own party who sought to defuse sleaze allegations before Britain holds its local elections May

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In the first instance, Parish claimed he accidentally clicked the pornographic video on his cellphone while searching the web for farm equipment “The situation was that funnily enough, it was tractors I was looking at, Parish told the BBC; he did not specify the details of the ill-fated farm equipment search results

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party said on Saturday he had resigned I don’t think there could really be any other outcome to what has come to light about this particular MP over the last few days, she said while campaigning in Fife, Scotland “Watching porn on a mobile phone in the House of Commons when you’re there representing constituents is just unacceptable

Two female colleagues said they saw Parish looking at porn from his phone, while they were sitting near him The Conservative Party suspended him Friday over the allegations

Earlier this month, Conservative member of Parliament Imran Ahmad Khan resigned after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old in 2008

The ballot is seen as pivotal for Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is already facing a voter backlash over lockdown-breaking parties in government offices during the Covid-19 pandemic

Neil Parish, 65, stepped down after what he described as a moment of “madness Parish, chairman of the house’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, said he was trying to look at a tractor website, but stumbled into a porn site with a similar name and watched it for “a bit’’

“My biggest crime is that on anoth

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