Nina Jankowicz’s harassment

Biden disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz’s harassment’ from men Biden disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz’s book says she won’t be ‘silenced’ by online men’s ‘harassment’

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In her recent book How to Be a Woman Online Nina Jankowicz raises concerns on a number of subjects surrounding the backlash women face online placing great focus on how men respond to what she has to say.
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rears its ugly head in any genus of troll you encounter online she added. The trolls may write differently or lash out differently or become grotesquely fixated

Jankowicz reflected on the time she pecked a little boy in the face while dressed up as a ‘bird princess’ on Halloween when she was in the first grade.

Jankowicz additionally prompt that the destructive suggestions she receives from males on-line violates her “basic democratic and human rights” and is meant to silence her and different girls concluding that feedback from males

girls is just the price tag of their social media engagement or worse that ladies are envisioned to endure harassment and silencing in the name of

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