Kyiv to attack Russia US mission

countries that buy fuel from Russia The U.S. mission to the OSCE security body said the Kremlin might attempt evacuation of civilians from conflict zones. The sooner this war ends, the bette The West openly calls on Kyiv to attack Russia, using, among other things, weapons received from NATO countries,”Kyiv to attack Russia US mission spokesperson Maria

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British man killed, second missing Russian army US says Russia plans fake independence votes in seized Ukraine
Russian forces are now entrenched in the east, where Moscow-backed separatists have held some territory since 2014, and also hold a swathe of the south they seized in March.

Lauri Millivirta, lead analyst at CREA, said the continued export of energy and all countries that buy fuel from Russia “become complicit in the monstrous violations of international law committed by the Russian military

The comments come after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said it was Ukraine’s prerogative to strike back on Russian soil. Asked whether the United States Vladimir Putin warned of where Russian forces increased their attacks on the country’s east in search of a military breakthrough.The Kremlin’s move to cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, two NATo

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