Zoom’s new focus mode is designed to block student distractions


There is a zoom discovered a new function called Focus mode designed to prevent students from disturbing anyone in virtual classrooms. When activated, it allows the teacher to see all students, but each student can only see the teacher or host. In this way, the teacher can activate it during the lecture to minimize interference and then turn it on for class discussions.

In addition to seeing the teacher, students will also see their own video and any presentations, along with other students ’names and emoji reactions. With the setting off, students can see all other students and their reactions, as shown below.


The app appears to be available on any Zoom client for PCs, probably including free versions. It could also be useful for family gatherings, small business meetings, and other situations where you may need to minimize interference (or provide space for people who are less comfortable showing their face on camera). If you want this setting to become mandatory for all users in your account, you can lock it.

This feature comes with the approach of the new school year with the threat of COVID-19, and especially the version of Delta that potentially keeps students out of schools. In addition to how to focus, Zoom also described in detail some tips for going back to school to make distance learning work better, with suggestions like checking your internet connection, creating learning space and learning about lighting and other app features.

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