The starter Polestar 2 with a single engine will cost $ 45,900



Polestar is finally ready to confirm prices and details for its more affordable price single engine Polestar 2. As Autoblog reports, 2022. “initial” EV will begin to $ 45,900 before the boost, or a cool $ 14,000 below the price of the original twin-engine version. If you’re in California, that price after the incentive could drop to a relatively low $ 34,900. It’s not a feat when it offers the longest range of the crowd at an EPA estimated at 265 miles.

The long-range twin-engine version starts at a lower $ 49,900 for 2022 ($ 38,900 after the California stimulus), and on top of that is a longer range of 249 miles. The catch is, as you can imagine, that you will have to add “packages” to get some comfort for the creatures, no matter which car you buy.

The promised mechanical heat pump, which expands the range in cold conditions, is part of the $ 4,000 Plus package that includes a full-length glass roof, a “premium” interior (with Harman Kardon sound), vegan seating and cabin lighting. The $ 3,200 pilot package adds driver assistance such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning and a 360-degree camera. The performance package, which costs just $ 5,000 and costs only two engines, adds 20-inch alloy wheels with Brembo brakes, sports tires and gold cosmetic details.

Deliveries of single-engine Polestar 2 units are expected by the end of 2021, while updated configurations of twin-engine engines should arrive in October. Prices still make the electric fastback more expensive than its most obvious rival, Tesla’s Model 3 in the standard $ 39,900 Range Plus offering. However, it’s close enough now that you may not mind the extra expense if Polestar’s design is more attractive – and the hard range is finally competitive.

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