Microsoft is introducing updated Mail, Calendar, and Calculator applications to Windows 11 testers


Microsoft is updating some applications which come with preloaded content Windows 11. For starters, you’ll find a new version of the Crop Tool that borrows a handful of features from Microsoft’s Snip & Sketch app. Press the “Win”, “Shift” and “S” keys on the keyboard at the same time to activate the software, then select the part of the screen you want to record. After taking a screenshot, you will find various tools that allow you to edit and tag the image. With Windows 11, the crop tool finally includes a dark mode, and you can set it regardless of the theme of your system.


Microsoft is also updating the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 11. You’ll notice that they now have rounded corners and “other customizations” that should help them feel more like a natural extension of the operating system.

Last but certainly not least, the modest calculator app got the love of Microsoft. And it now includes a dark mode that you can set up independently of Windows. The company also rewrote the software in C # in hopes that more people would contribute to its development GitHub.

According to Dave Grochocki, senior program manager for incoming Windows applications, Microsoft plans to release “even more updates to applications coming in Windows 11.” Look for their reviews before the company releases Windows 11 later this year. In the meantime, you can test newly updated apps if you’re on the Windows Insider Dev channel.

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