Foxconn plans to build electric vehicle factories in the U.S. and Thailand in 2022


Foxconn it is becoming more serious about it ambitions of electric vehicles. During the call for earnings, the company told investors that it plans to build electric vehicle factories in the USA and Thailand in 2022, and to start mass production of vehicles next year. Chairman Liu Young-way said the company was also discussing possible locations for plants in Europe.

At its U.S. plant, Foxconn will build vehicles for electric vehicle customers, including Fisker. Companies , and Foxconn plans to start producing EV Fisker EVs by the end of 2023. The two are investing together in a Project Pear vehicle and will share the proceeds.

Foxconn is in talks with three states, including Wisconsin, about the power plant, according to Nikkei. Earlier this year, Foxconn for an existing plant in Wisconsin. Liu also suggested that Foxconn could produce electric vehicles at .

The planned Thai plant will be part of Foxconn’s joint venture with oil and gas conglomerate PTT. The two work on a platform for the production of electric vehicles and components. Liu said Foxconn plans to build up to 200,000 electric vehicles at the plant each year.

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