Facebook is postponing the reopening of the office for January 2022


Facebook employees will work from home at least until the end of the year. The company has rejected its plans to return U.S. employees to the office due to concerns about the rise in COVID cases due to the delta variant. The company said earlier this summer that it plans to reopen U.S. offices with 50 percent capacity . However, that time frame has now been moved to January as the number of cases increases.

“The data, not the dates, triggers our approach to returning to the office,” the company said in a statement . “Given recent health data showing an increasing number of cases of Covid based on the delta variant, our teams in the U.S. will not have to return to the office until January 2022. We expect this to be the case in some countries outside the U.S., We also continue to monitor the situation and work with experts to ensure that our return to office plans provides security for all. ”

Facebook hit the front pages in early 2020 to close its offices, long before many areas introduced their own locking policies. The company also said it would require its U.S. employees to against COVID-19. Whenever it reopens, many employees are likely to look and feel much different. The company said it would accept telecommuting in the future, with Mark Zuckerberg saying so the company’s workforce could move away in the next 5-10 years.

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