Amazon rejects a policy that claims to own personal games of employees



he reportedly repealed a policy that required ownership of all games created by employees outside of business. Under the previous rules, the company required employees to use Amazon products while working on personal projects and to distribute those games in shop windows.

Those policies are, according to . In an e-mail to the staff seen by the publication, Amazon Game Studios head he said the company was immediately abandoning the rules. “These policies were originally established more than ten years ago when we had much less information and experience than today, and as a result, the policies have been written quite broadly,” Frazzini wrote. Engadget contacted Amazon for comment.

Amazon got a reaction around the rules after an engineer who spoke to the company discovered . The rules granted Amazon a “free, worldwide, fully paid, permanent, transferable license” to the intellectual property of games that its employees worked without a watch. Some developers have declared this policy “draconian” when the now-deleted engineer tweet has taken effect.

However, Amazon is not the only company that has adopted such a policy. Google also has claims of ownership over employees’ own external projects.

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