The latest major update to 1Password is now available in early access on Macs



More than three years have passed since then 1Password let go of his last major update for Mac. This does not mean that the company was idle. Far from it, actually, but macOS users have so far not had the significant refreshment they could have expected. After preliminary examinations early access of the day Linux i Windows, you can now try 1Password 8, the company ‘s latest desktop application, on the Mac. The update brings with it many improvements password manager.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how the categories have moved from the sidebar to a drop-down menu that you can access below the search bar. 1Password co-founder David Teare told Engadget that the decision the company made was to highlight different accounts and vaults without forcing users to access a separate mode.

The goal the developer set for himself when he started working on 1Password 8 was to improve the app in highlighting all the ways you can share different vaults and login credentials between family members and co-workers. You will see that this approach is reflected throughout the app, starting with the first opening.


The lock screen now includes icons that show the accounts you will open. Moreover, when you are in the main interface, you will see more contextual information. For example, when you plan to move a login, a pop-up window will appear telling you who will be able to access that information as a result.

With an emphasis on sharing, 1Password doubles paid memberships. Although writing has been on the wall for some time, 1Password 8 will not allow you to sync your accounts and vaults via Dropbox, iCloud, or any other services other than 1Password. According to Teare, the company decided to discontinue support for third-party synchronization for several reasons. “It’s hard to share using a sync platform that doesn’t have the concept of other users,” he said.

1Password 8 Watchtower Control Panel


One of the other goals that 1Password set for itself with this new app was to keep things familiar. However, there are areas where the company has experimented. This is most evident in the new depiction of the Watchtower. That piece of software will still alert you if you have weak, reused, and compromised passwords, but it will do so using a new dashboard display that is similar to the way competitors like Dashlane and LastPass present information in their products. Teare said 1Password was discussed to make The Watchtower the first screen you see after opening 1Password 8, but eventually decided it was “too big a jump for one release”. However, he noted that the updated Watchtower represents a new direction for 1Password, in which the company has the ability to allow its designers to adjust things more freely.

In a way, it’s the unifying theme of 1Password 8. It’s a significant milestone for 1Password not because of the new features involved, but because of the work the company has done behind the scenes to set up systems for future releases. “With 1Password 8, we really wanted to connect everything,” Teare said. Previously, the company had separate teams working on different applications, with few ways to share code and resources. To help them work together, 1Password has built a common code base using Rust, a programming language that Teare says has allowed the company to create a more cohesive experience in all of its applications, while still caring about what each operating system is all about. differs.

1Safari with built-in password


The way 1Password 8 works in conjunction with Safari is one example of this. You will now see a browser extension open in the name and password field on the webpage. If you have configured the application to handle two-factor authentication requests for you, it will also automatically populate that field as soon as you reach it.

After testing the application, 1Password expects to release 1Password 8 for Mac and Windows this year. According to Teare, the company also plans to bring an improved experience to Android, iPhone and iPad users “in the near future”.

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