Morning after: The next iPhone can focus on screen upgrades


As summer draws to a close, we are entering the technology launch calendar new iPhone season. Before we even officially find out what Apple will reveal, the question that my friends, family and readers always ask me is: Is it worth upgrading to a new iPhone?

I don’t know yet. Hah. The rumors, however, are approaching hardware changes to the iPhone screen, which are likely to arrive in the same sizes we saw on the iPhone 12 series. – something recorded in Bloomberglatest report.

We might get the technology of a constantly on screen, which uses a battery-efficient 120Hz screen that should look smooth, while offering information and notifications on the lock screen without waking up the iPhone. Otherwise, at least for now, we expect improvements to the camera’s software features, a (predictably) faster mobile chip, and perhaps stronger MagSafe magnets that will keep your peripherals locked.

We’ll have to wait and see how true the rumors are – will Apple call it the iPhone 13?

Before all that, however, Samsung’s day is in the spotlight. His Galaxy Unpacked event starts later this morning. We will broadcast the entire event with analysis immediately after it is completed. It all starts at 9:40 AM ET – join us on YouTube right here.

-Mat Smith

Watch out for Boston Dynamics.


Xiaomi today announced CyberDog, a four-legged open source robot designed for developers to “upgrade” and build apps for them. Xiaomi says this technology is good enough to allow CyberDog to track its owner and move around obstacles. It is also able to identify body posture and track human faces, allowing it to select and track individuals in a group. The road to mainstream robotics is paved with “dogs” and humanoids who haven’t quite succeeded and for now, instead of selling this as a product for general sale, the company will produce 1,000 Cyberdogs for “Xiaomi fans, engineers and robotics enthusiasts”. ” Keep reading.

The latest shareholders of the chain are delighted with cryptocurrencies.

AMC has announced it will accept Bitcoin as a payment for tickets and snacks in all U.S. theaters by the end of 2021. Company chief Adam Aron did not say you would make those payments, but hinted that AMC is exploring other ways it could join the “growing universe of cryptocurrencies.” . Keep reading.

All NFC keys.

Google Titan key, old and new style.


Google is improving its family of security keys. The giant search engine will now only offer two releases; one with USB-A and USB-C, both will contain NFC to allow it to be used on most mobile devices. This should reduce the confusion that potential buyers would have with the current line, where some models did not work contactlessly. keep reading

The first smartphone with a Snapdragon 888+ processor.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4


If they are not robotic dogs, this is another smartphone. The Mi Mix 4 is Xiaomi’s thinnest ceramic unibody smartphone to date, with a 6.67-inch 2,400 x 1,080 screen that hides a 20-megapixel selfie camera under the glass. Significantly, the patch that hides the camera has the same density of 400 ppi as the rest of the panel, albeit with smaller pixels and a transparent circuit. On-screen cameras usually offer photos below the pair and often stand out from the rest of the smartphone screen due to the reduced pixel density. Xiaomi may have solved the problem, but we’ll have to see it in person to confirm. Dawn is a hidden selfie camera, and Xiaomi and Oppo are in the lead. Keep reading.

The department paid millions for face recognition, vans equipped with X-ray machines and more.

According to newly released documents, New York City police have spent more than $ 159 million on surveillance and maintenance systems since 2007 without public oversight. How it transmits Wired, The Legal Aid Society (LAS) and the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP) obtained documents from the NYPD, which include contracts with suppliers.

The NYPD purchased through the Special Expenses Fund, meaning it did not need to get approval from the New York City Council or other city officials before the contract was signed. Keep reading.

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