Microsoft is filing a lawsuit after Amazon reaches a $ 10 billion government contract


It’s the same old story: The government gives a multibillion-dollar contract to one technology giant, just to see another technology giant complain about the process. But we just put it on EAT contract we’re out of our minds, and Amazon and Microsoft are, once again, behind each other’s necks. Washington Technology, (way The Verge) reports that Microsoft filed the complaint after the NSA awarded a $ 10 billion contract to Amazon Web Services. The project is codenamed WildAndStormy, the details of which are not widely available, but apparently involve providing cloud computing technology to the wider intelligence community.

Microsoft has filed a complaint with the company Government Accountability Office, allegedly claiming that AWS’s product was not properly rated. The Windows giant thinks that by comparing its technology with Amazon’s, it would win and thinks that the process here was not very fair. GAO has until October 29 to respond to Microsoft’s complaint and it probably won’t be the end of the digital exhaustion money war. How it transmits NextGov, an NSA spokesman said any response would be “in accordance with applicable federal regulations”.

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