Android 12 is almost ready as the latest beta version focuses on platform stability


Google has released a fourth beta , and although there are no significant new features here, it marks an important step in the development of the operating system. Android 12 has now reached the stability of the platform, which means that the work has been completed on most basic technologies. Google he hoped to achieve platform stability in August, so he is on the right track.

“The APIs for Android 12 and all application-oriented behaviors are complete,” according to Google. This means developers can start their latest compatibility tests with Android 12 without worrying that things will change a lot. The final Android 12 beta will appear in the coming weeks.

Google is expected to introduce Android 12 in general in the next few months, probably along with . While there may be more features in preparation, we may not find out about them until Google takes a closer look at its new flagship phones.

If you want to try Android 12 beta, have access to it. In addition to Google Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi and ZTE phones, it is also available on Google TV.

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