Twitch will offer (a little) more information on why it suspends users


Twitch has announced that it will offer users slightly more details when it delivers suspensions for content violations. As The Verge notes, the platform owned by Amazon can still be frustratingly vague when justifying why a user account has been suspended. In the new update, users will be notified of the name of the offending stream, the broadcast date, and the rule that it has been terminated, but nothing more.

Opaque moderation has been a problem for Twitch before, and as we reported last year, the site still has a problem with context. 2020. platform suspended professional Evaluation players when their little child appeared on the creek while the player opened the door. There are reasonable reasons to ban streaming from minors, but this was clearly an accident, not an intention.

A similar incident occurred when Twitch, without warning, suddenly demonetized a number of high-profile accounts during Hot Tub Meta. It was then said that it was necessary to “warn the affected streamers of this change before it happened – it was a mistake to do so”. As we wrote 2020 the website has to put in a lot more effort to explain why it does what it does, otherwise the relationship with the community will get even worse.

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