Hyundai’s Motional will begin testing its robotaxi in Los Angeles this month


, a joint autonomous enterprise of vehicles between i , is expanding its business in California. Company to begin mapping public roads and testing their robotics in Los Angeles this month. Motional is currently testing the AV input , Pittsburgh, (including driverless tests) and Singapore.

The company and partner Lyft plan to launch a robotics service in several U.S. markets . Extensive road mapping and testing are essential precursors to this. Motional’s initial LA tests will be held in and around Santa Monica with a safety driver behind the wheel, notes.

Los Angeles infamously has some of them , so Motional’s robot taxi will probably break through there. Waymo on the streets of Los Angeles in 2019, but his AV testing is mostly limited .

Motional is also stepping up its research and development facility in LA and opening an operations center there. The company opened its offices in Santa Monica in 2016, and key members of Motional’s machine learning and hardware teams are located at that location. Meanwhile, Motional has opened its first office in the San Francisco Bay Area, where its computer design team is located.

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