Another leak indicates that the next iPhone will always have the screen on


The next iPhone will be able to record video in portrait mode and record in ProRes, according to a new report Bloomberg. Reporter Mark Gurman claims that the next model, which for obvious reasons is not expected to be called the iPhone 13, will also offer better filters to improve the image after shooting.

Gourmet sources also suggest that this phone will be more evolutionary than the revolution that was the iPhone 12. The design language, screen size and model line will likely remain the same, only with the chip (A15) and screen changing technology. Gurman said there will be a smaller comma for FaceID cameras, and that the screen will have a faster refresh rate.

Some of these items correspond to a leak from February, when publisher Max Weinbach claimed the new phone would get a low – power LTPO, 120Hz screen constantly on. As it was done analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and Weinbach added that the phone will be able to record live video and in portrait mode. The fact that many of these leaks more or less confirm each other gives weight to what we can expect in the next month.

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