Publishers have sued the Charter over copyright infringement lawsuits


Charter Communications has been sued by a group of major record companies claiming that it did not address “flagrant and serial” copyright infringement, The Verge reported. This is the second time in recent years that the group has sued Charter for song piracy.

The labels stated that they had sent about 150.00 infringement notices to Spectrum, Charter’s Internet service, including the IP addresses of “tens of thousands” of alleged infringers. They claim that the company “closed its eyes” to the takeover, which took place from July 2018 until recently.

“The Charter insisted on doing nothing despite receiving thousands of notifications detailing the illegal activities of its subscribers, despite a clear legal obligation to deal with the widespread, illegal downloading of copyrighted works on its online services, and despite that. that the plaintiffs had previously sued them for similar conduct, ”the motion states.

The same publishing houses sued Charter in 2019, claiming that subscribers used torrent services for music piracy between March 2013 and May 2016. “claims and, significantly, even after the plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in 2019.” according to the last lawsuit.

The music industry has attacked several ISPs in recent years. In June, publishing houses sued ISP Frontier for similar allegations of piracy. Meanwhile, Internet service provider Cox, lost a billion-dollar judgment December 2019 and promised that he would then appeal the settlement.

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