Amazon’s sale of Alexa devices includes an Echo Show 5 worth $ 55



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Want a smart alarm clock to help you get back to work (or school) now that September is fast approaching? Amazon could help. The Internet giant sells the latest devices on Echo devices Echo Show 5 is for sale for only $ 55, or even $ 30 below its official price. You will get a similar discount on the Echo Show 5 Kids model for sale for $ 65 (less than $ 95) with a year of Amazon Kids + service. Both prices are much lower than we saw a few weeks ago.

Buy Echo Show 5 on Amazon – 55 USD

Buy Echo Show 5 Kids on Amazon – $ 65

If you want something bigger, the current generation of Echo Show 8 has dropped up to $ 100, savings of $ 30. That’s only $ 5 more than Amazon’s Sales price Prime Day for the previous generation model. And if you prefer Alexa on the face, the second generation Echo Frames are up to low prices all the time from $ 180 (compared to the usual $ 250).

Buy Echo Show 8 on Amazon – $ 100

Buy Echo frames on Amazon – 180 USD

The Echo Show 5 and 8 screens are subtle updates, but that’s not necessarily a problem. Show 5 remains a handy companion on the nightstand, with solid sound quality for the money and a 2MP camera for video conversations with family (there is a physical shutter for privacy). Meanwhile, the Show 8 also has powerful sound quality and a 13 MP wide-angle camera that can track you as you walk. You may be looking for a sweet spot if you are looking for a kitchen window that will help you talk to your friends while cooking dinner.

The same catches remain. The on-screen interface for the Echo Show family is not as intuitive as Google Nest Hub devices, and you will also miss streaming services like Disney + and HBO Max. The Echo Show is not for you if you want to visit again Loki or Hacks. Amazon does have a very robust smart home ecosystem though, and a wide range of Alexa skills could be helpful if you ever need a specialized voice app.

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