Spotify’s iOS app will still support AirPlay 2 streaming


Don’t worry about Spotify claims does not support AirPlay 2 on iOS – doom and gloom were a bit premature. iMore reports that Spotify has’clarified‘plans and will eventually support AirPlay 2 streaming. The digital music giant did not say when you could expect this feature, but promised updates “when they become available”.

A spokesman had previously claimed that AirPlay 2 was not practical due to audio driver compatibility issues. He did not completely rule out the concept, but suggested that it would not be sustainable in the “foreseeable future”.

We would not expect a quick reversal of this feature even after a further statement from Spotify. However, this could still be encouraging. AirPlay 2 should make it easy to transfer music to HomePods and other devices that support Apple’s media technology, but have both limited or non-existent integration with Spotify itself.

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