The Audi off-road hybrid has completed an endurance test ahead of the Dakar Rally


Audi is working hard on the preparations RS Q E-Tron for the Dakar Rally 2022 in hopes of earning a difference as the first electrified vehicle to win an exhausting competition. In fact, the vehicle is just right completed an eight-day endurance test near the Spanish city of Zaragoza. A Volkswagen subsidiary tested an off-road SUV back on unpaved ground back in July. But this was the first time that the vehicle took a step in the real conditions it is expected to encounter during one of the toughest rallies in the world.

Three teams of two drivers each participated in the event, sharing eight days and 1,056 miles of intensive testing between them. On macadam roads that stretched for up to 11 miles, the RS Q E-Tron reached a speed of 112 km / h. The drivers admitted that something still needed to be fixed, but they were impressed with the vehicle’s performance. Arnau Niubó Bosch, Audi’s development engineer, explained that the test “was focused on driving as much as possible and detecting weak spots”. For the next SUV test in September, Audi will take it to the dunes for the first time.

As before mentioned, The RS Q E-Tron has an electric drivetrain with two modified Formula E motors. It has a power converter with a TFSI motor to charge the battery while driving and braking, as you would not find charging stations in the middle of the race. This means it is not a zero-emission vehicle, although Audi says the converter is energy efficient.

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