How jungle cruise manufacturers built the film world



Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in the movie Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in the movie Jungle Cruise
Image: Disney

With the opening of the $ 90 million weekend, Jungle cruise set the standard for a theme park ride to the movie pipeline.

Film producers John Fox and John Davis, talked to Forbes to talk about how they have transformed Jungle cruise into a story ready for the theater for the whole family.

“We went back to her origins, to what inspired the ride, the film, The Queen of Africaand that’s where we built it, ”says Fox. “We’ve never read previous versions of the film, but from what I’ve heard, that was today’s high-concept approach. it’s very different from what we’ve been doing. We intended to make something that felt classic and a bit nostalgic. Movies like Indiana Jones i Pirates of the Caribbean they were our guide. Let’s hope the audience appreciates what we wanted. ”

Their inspiration doesn’t stop at other films. Davis tells Forbes how Jerry Bruckheimer’s work helped build it Jungle cruise story. “What we wanted to do was unify it and make it a real blockbuster event. We wanted her to be bigger than life, to give her freshness “, he states. “We greatly admired what Jerry Bruckheimer did Pirates. It worked great, and it was a great ride. There was something nostalgic, but it also put your characters in great danger of making a piece from the period. ”

He further elaborates on the film’s sense of adventure and why she is an actress Emily Blunt had to be at the center of this story. “It was a real adventure. Emily’s character, she’s an adventurer. Thinking of that character was great because the woman is Indiana Jones. She is what women were not allowed to do at the time and does what they were not allowed to do, and that is going out into the world and exploring. ”

What other theme park rides could become movies in the future? Tell us your opinion!

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