China is suing Tencent over WeChat’s “youthful way of working”


WeChat it may be an integral part of Chinese digital life, but that doesn’t stop the country’s government from limiting the messaging giant’s behavior. Reuters reports that prosecutors in Beijing have sued Tencent over allegations that We Chat’s limited “youthful way” violates laws that protect children. The lawsuit did not explain how the manner of work allegedly violated the law.

The youth mode prevents younger users from accessing payments, finding friends nearby, and playing certain games. It is actually a parental control tool for a “super app” that can handle many everyday tasks in China.

Tencent did not comment on the lawsuit. It was recently posted stricter boundaries for young people Honor kings players, limiting your playing time to just an hour a day on weekdays.

The suit could be part of a wider repression. Chinese state media exploded the gaming industry and online platforms just this week, and officials had previously demanded better protection from online threats to children. The country has also focused much of its recent attention on restraining the tech giants like Tencent, Alibaba and Didi, slapping them antitrust penalties and temporary application bans – a lawsuit can be an extension of that effort.

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