Apple Watch Series 6 products Red Red drops to $ 300 on Woot



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Now is a great opportunity to get Apple Watch Series 6 at a good price, provided you are not picky about color. Woot offers a 40mm Product Red edition with GPS (i.e. without a mobile network) for only $ 300, or a net $ 100 below the usual price. This is not absolutely the lowest price we have seen, but it is still a solid offer that delivers a premium smartwatch at a reasonable price.

Buy Apple Watch Series 6 on Woot – 300 USD

The 6 Series is still a very capable smartwatch a few months after launch. It’s ultimately a Series 5 refinement with a blood oxygen monitor and a slight increase in performance and battery life, but it still leaves you with a great screen always on, useful health features and a rich application ecosystem. WatchOS 8 it will also expand that functionality with improvements in everything from attention to messages.

As before, the catch is simply timing. Series 7 is probably at your fingertips and could include a new design with updated performance and wireless technology. If you’re more interested in owning the latest hardware than saving money, wait a few weeks. You’ll probably pay a lot less for the Series 6, and at this price it’s a much better value than that Apple Watch SE.

Just keep in mind it’s Woot’s return policy it is stricter than the Amazon. You must return the products within 30 days, and Woot reduces the refund amount for shipping costs. This Apple Watch is probably a safe bet, but you’ll want to quickly determine if you intend to keep it or not.

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