WhatsApp chief says Apple’s child safety update is a “surveillance system”


The day after Apple confirmed plans for new software that will allow him to detect images of child abuse in iCloud users ’photos, Facebook’s WhatsApp boss says he’s“ worried ”about the plans.

In nit on Twitter, Will Cathcart called it “Apple’s surveillance system that it manages and that can very easily be used to scan private content looking for anything they or the government decide they want to control.” He also asked questions about how such a system could be exploited in China or other countries or abused by spy companies.

An Apple spokesman challenged Cathcart’s characterization of the software, noting that users can choose to disable iCloud Photos. Apple also said that the system is trained only on the basis of data “Familiar” images provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other organizations, and that it would not be possible to enable work in a regionally specific way because it is built into iOS.

Not surprisingly, Facebook will have problems with Apple’s plans. Apple has spent years shook Facebook because of its record about privacy, even when the social network has accepted end-to-end encryption. In recent times the company they clashed due to privacy updates that interfered with Facebook’s ability to track its users, the company announced it will hurt advertising revenue.

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