Twitter appoints a “complaint officer” to abide by Indian internet rules


Twitter is trying to convince India and bring it back liability protection for user content. Bloomberg reports that Twitter told an Indian court that it had appointed grievance officers and nodes to abide by the new rules requiring local staff to deal with issues such as compliance and law enforcement issues on a full-time basis. The court previously claimed that Twitter was “in complete disrespect” and that it had lifted protection, leaving Twitter legally vulnerable if users submitted illegal material.

Police have repeatedly filed lawsuits against Twitter based on user actions, including violating child pornography or publishing controversial political maps.

The social media giant is not sure yet. The government will have to determine whether the leaders have complied with India’s rules. Another hearing is scheduled for August 10. Companies like Facebook, Google and Telegram have already met the requirements.

Twitter had a bad relationship with the Indian government. The giant of social media refused to block critics Indian governments after officials threatened to arrest employees in early February. Accordingly, India has ordered Twitter to do so withdraw criticism for responding to the pandemic after an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in April. The alleged violations of the rules only represented an escalation of already high tensions in that regard. It’s not that Twitter has much choice but to obey – leaving the Indian market would deal a serious blow to its business, and would have little impact on censorship in the country.

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