The new Windows 11 focus timer feature will work with Spotify


Microsoft bets that a little Spotify streaming could help sharpen your mind. The Verge reports which has product manager Panos Panay reviewed Focusing session function in Windows 11 which uses Spotify to help you concentrate. Based on the Pomodoro technique, which divides tasks into intermittent time segments, the new Clock application mode asks you to select a task (from Microsoft To Do, at least for now), set a timer and select Spotify playlist if you need a soundtrack. When the timer ends, your music will stop and notify you that it is time for a short break.

Focusing sessions are not yet available in Insider’s public reviews, but there’s a good chance they’ll be available in a ready-made version of Windows 11 coming in later this year. Microsoft has integrated Spotify with Xbox consoles before, but this seems to be the first big effort in Windows.

The concept of the Pomodoro application is not new, but it will be built into Windows and Microsoft clearly hopes that Spotify connectivity will make a difference. This could also be an important competitive advantage. Windows 11’s focus elements could help it compete macOS Monterey’s Focusing modes, not to mention parallel similar functions in Android and iOS.

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