Star Wars Bad Batch Return to Kamino Recap: Crosshair’s Secret


Members of Bad Batch, Tech and Echo, return to Kamino in the first part of the final of the first season.

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When was the last time we left Star Wars: Bad Series-who was just updated second season –Hunter was captured. An evil former friend of the Crosshair group captured the leader after the events at Daru and the question arose: will the rest Clone Force 99 come back to save Hunter? Well, despite the main Disney + menu calling the episode “Finale Part 1,” the actual title of the episode answered that question before the action even began. The title is “Back to the Fireplace” – and everyone is back.

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Using Hunter as bait, Crosshair knew he would be able to lure Omega, Echo, Tech, and Wrecker back to the Camino, so the Empire was ready and waiting. Luckily, Omega knew the back entrance to the city, along with a secret undercarriage and a system of underwater pipes for their crossing. These first scenes set the tone of the episode to have a bigger, different feel than the rest of the season. While we used to listen to Kevin Keener’s music Bad series, these scenes are woven into some music by John Williams Attack of the clones, giving him a film image Star Wars to feel. Even the animation is taken into account, with a bad series in the rain, at sea, which looks darker, more mysterious and more detailed than usual, all the way to Omega’s wet hair straightened for the next few scenes.

Returning to the city, Omega’s old friend AZI-3 informed everyone about what was going on; the clones and Kaminoans are gone, only Crosshair and a few new TK cops. Which, I have to admit, was a little weird. Somehow it’s just not natural to hear anyone other than the voice of Dee Bradley Baker coming out of the troupe on a Star Wars animated series. But we have a lot here. Equilibrium in Star Wars is changing.

Confident Crosshair knew that his fellow clones would come to him if he just stayed with Hunter, which allowed the two of them to have very interesting conversations. Most interesting was the fact that Crosshair felt betrayed when they left him. On the one hand, how could they not take into account that he was actively trying to kill them along with a huge number of soldiers – and yet, at that moment a few meters away, their friends knowingly entered the trap to save Hunter. So maybe Crosshair was right. These clones do everything for each other. But the conversation seemed to have taken place to let the audience know that Crosshair had something else up his sleeve.

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We find out soon enough when Tech, Echo, and Wrecker spring the trap and enter the training room from earlier in the season, which is where Hunter is being held, and are instantly caught by a bunch of troopers. Crosshair explains to everyone how he felt betrayed and believes their best course of action is to join the Empire because they’re superior to the others and can help them (and maybe themselves) achieve great power. As it’s unfolding you’re left to wonder: when did this change happen? Wasn’t Crosshair out for blood? Now he wants to team up? Nevertheless, things get tense and Crosshair realizes the TK troopers joining him do not have his back. So he kills them all, basically saving the day… until Omega, who’d been left behind just in case, activates the training room with a bunch of deadly droids.

And so the full Clone Force 99, with Omega in tow, are reunited to save their own skins in an epic battle back in the training room. The show’s end credit theme even played to make you realize how big this moment was. After 15 episodes, the gang is all back together. Just as they’re triumphant, however, Crosshair drops a bombshell. His allegiance to the Empire isn’t because of his Order 66 inhibitor chip, as everyone assumed. Apparently, he had that removed long ago (when, exactly, we don’t know yet) and this is just who he is. His friends are shocked, and luckily Hunter is able to stun Crosshair with his blaster, realizing they can figure this out at another time.

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Here’s where that chapter of Star Wars history gets closed. This isn’t some normal destruction. This is the place the Bad Batch were born, yes, but so much more. Rex, Cody, Fives, and so many other clones we’ve come to know were also born there—heck, the entire Republic Army. It’s where Obi-Wan Kenobi first met and fought Jango Fett. The birthplace of Boba Fett!! It is such a key location in the tradition and here we see how it was blown up. And so the first part of the two-part season one finale ends with a bad series in the city that explodes all around them and falls into the sea.

Being part of the season finale, it makes sense how crucial “Back to the Camino” was for the show. Crosshair returned with the team, albeit unconsciously. But now we also know that he consciously decided to help the Empire. The cloning facilities at Kamin have almost disappeared, basically marking the end of the clones used as soldiers for the Republic that became an empire. You also can’t help but wonder what the Empire wants with this cloning technology and whether it’s something it is connected with either Palpatine’s plan or whatever Dr. Pershing does to Grog’s blood Mandalorian. Lots of questions, and we’ll probably get answers next week in the second part of the season finale Star Wars: Bad Series.

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