Spotify’s iOS app will soon not get support for AirPlay 2



has postponed plans to add support for your iOS app for now. “We’ve discussed this idea internally, and while we’re working on proper AirPlay2 support, we’ve decided to close it for now,” a Spotify spokesman said. , as transmitted .

The company blamed the audio driver compatibility issues. Therefore, “this looks like a larger project that we will not be able to complete in the foreseeable future.”

Apple introduced AirPlay 2 three years ago . The company too for third-party music services on HomePod and HomePod mini last year. In 2019, Spotify with the European Commission accusing Apple of locking up and other companies Apple is competing with, such as Siri, HomePod and Apple Watch. Spotify still doesn’t offer native support for HomePod speakers, although you can play music from the app i download Spotify songs on the Apple Watch.

You can still connect Spotify to speakers and smart TVs via AirPlay or . Spotify users will soon not be able to officially use AirPlay 2 features such as reduced latency, multi-room sound and Siri control. However, since AirPlay is fully integrated with iOS, it should still work with any audio app as long as you use OS-level playback controls, not the Spotify app.

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