Sealed copy of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ it sold for a record $ 2 million


Unopened copy Super Mario Bros. there is sold for $ 2 million, breaking a previous record set by a video game vendor last month when he was a collector paid $ 1.56 million to get the forged version Super Mario 64. According to a picture shared by Rally, the company that sold the game, the copy had a rating of 9.8 A + Wata Scale, which means that he was in an “exceptional” condition.

When you go over the crazy price, what makes this sale interesting is that it didn’t involve an auction. Instead of that, Rally is positioned as a platform for “alternative asset investment”. Per The New York Times, the firm buys physical collectibles and holds an “initial offer” in which people can buy shares of that item. When a collector wants to buy something from a Rally, the company passes on their offer to everyone who has a stake and then votes on the issue.

In the case of this recent Super Mario Bros. sale, Rally bought a copy for approximately $ 140,000 in April 2020. That same year, investors turned down an offer of $ 300,000 for the game. Even with $ 2 million on the line, some still didn’t want to part with the game, and a quarter of those with a share in the vote collection turned down the offer.

If you’ve been following the market, you probably have a good idea of ​​why some wanted to keep a copy for a while longer. A few days before the previous record was set, the boxed version The legend of Zelda sold for $ 870,000 at auction. With no signs that the market will cool down any time soon and just so many persistent video games, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before a new record is set.

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