Amazon is delaying the return of employee offices until 2022 amid the COVID-19 crash


After previously announcing that it expects corporate employees to return to the office on September 7 this year, Amazon has announced a further delay until January 3, 2022, Reuters reported. The change of plans comes amid a flurry of the highly addictive variant of the Conde-19 Delta in the US. “As we continue to closely monitor local conditions related to COVID-19, we are adjusting our guidelines for corporate employees,” the company said in a statement.

Shortly after the pandemic began, Amazon said it expected employees to return to the office in October 2020. That date was moved to 2021 as more waves of viruses forced the closure and closure of businesses across the United States.

Google and Microsoft also recently announced that they will delay the return of the office until October 2021, later than September when Microsoft originally planned. However, while both Google and Microsoft require vaccinations of all employees returning to the office, Amazon said unvaccinated employees can return as long as they wear masks.

Like other technology companies, Amazon has allowed a hybrid office / home business structure due to the pandemic. However, in March of this year, it seemed desirable for everyone to return to the office. “Our plan is to return to office culture as our base. We believe this allows us to invent, collaborate and learn together most effectively,” the company said in a statement. a blog about vaccination and testing. This will be delayed for at least another five months.

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