What will you get in the “Back 4 Blood” open beta version


After a few hours of playing Back 4 Blood, a new cooperative shooter for survival Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock, I have two questions left: How is this legal? And, when can I play again? It turned out, right now.

The Back 4 Blood the open beta runs from August 5 to 9 and again from August 12 to 16 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. I took a peek at what the beta has to offer on PC, with an emphasis on PvE content, as there were some technical issues with PvP modes while playing. That was resolved and I was told that PvP was ready for the open beta.

Not that you should expect it to be perfect. Turtle Rock Studios uses an open beta for fine-tuning Back 4 Blood on the eve of its release on October 12, and the developers are seriously considering collecting as much feedback as possible. There is a lot to follow: The game uses a Left 4 Deaddirector AI in style that adjusts the difficulty level in real time as you float through hordes of Ridden in your own special way. There’s also a card system that allows players to build decks of class-specific benefits, plus corruption cards that apply random effects to each level, changing the game each time. And it’s a real multi-platform game, running across generations of consoles and computers. All of this is on top of the new PvP mode and core PvE gaming, which must feel like butter if it will satisfy Turtle Rock’s Left 4 Dead fans.

I’m one of those fans, and I have to say, I enjoy it Back 4 Blood. Left 4 Dead is a key game of my past, and Back 4 Blood he touches those good feelings in a wonderful way.

Turtle Rock Studios

I’m most interested in PvE, since that’s the crux of my nostalgia in this case, and I ended up playing about two hours of the main cooperative mode with some new friends. The open beta contains two PvE cards for co-op races and two cards for Swarm PvP mode, where teams of four people take turns as Cleaners (main characters) and Riddens (infected ex-men). The new character, Mom, also joins the list of cleaners who can play for the first time.

One thing that stands out Back 4 Blood is his sense of repeatability. Although the levels are familiar, they are filled with secrets and naturally encourage dynamic play, offering different ways to approach each individual encounter. The card system adds a nice layer of customization to the game, while the corruption cards make each new round just a little different, just a little more exciting. There are also plenty of weapons and items to collect, and a healthy amount of ammunition falls all over the map, especially if you go exploring.

Shooting at riders is an immense pleasure with any gun, while catching or knocking you down by a special rider shocks you every time. Meanwhile, the dialogue among the scavengers is sweet, with references to the “new normalcy”, lizard people in government and the poor media, to name a few opportunities for a joke. The protagonists of the film Back 4 Blood they are not shocked and run for life; they are on a mission to eradicate the Ridden and create safe zones for the continuation of human life. It’s a refreshing reversal of perspective.

During his stay with. I ran into a few problems Back 4 Bloodis open beta content, but nothing that seemed insurmountable at this stage of development. Basically, I believe Turtle Rock will take feedback from the open beta and apply it to the game in the smartest, bloodiest way possible for its launch in October.

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