The Twitter Spaces co-host feature allows users to share moderation responsibilities


Twitter’s experiment with ephemeral content may have been completed earlier in the week, but his taken to the Clubhouse goes stronger than ever. As of this week, Spaces hosts can invite other individuals to help them with their duty of moderation.

With today’s announcement, one space can include one host, two co-hosts and up to 10 speakers. As a co-host, you can invite additional people to talk, mute and remove violent participants, and pin tweets. However, you will not be able to remove the original host or colleague, nor can you stop broadcasting. Adding a co-host is done through a call system that allows you to search for specific users.

Of course, Twitter isn’t the only company that makes audio broadcasting an integral part of what it offers users. Facebook i Discord quickly added features like Clubhouse to their platforms after the app started early post-release success. And if you trust Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, most network services are likely to add live audio as a way to communicate with their users, much like they did when it comes to videos and stories.

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