Amazon Halo can now share heart rate data with third-party applications and equipment


As a wearable device, Amazon bracelet Hello is a roughly uncompromising fitness tracker that you can buy. It doesn’t include a screen, and outside of the two microphones that enable its controversial tone detection function, it gives up many of the more advanced sensors we’ve seen breaking through devices like Apple Watch. But starting today, you can use Halo Band to see the overlap of your heart rate in various applications and fitness equipment from other manufacturers.

At startup, the integration works with machines of brands like NordicTrack and CLBMR, along with software like iFit and Openfit. That enable function, open the settings menu in Amazon Halo and find the “Heart Rate Sharing” option.

Although they don’t match Apple Watch GymKit functionalitythe inclusion of heart rate sharing should make the Halo Band more versatile, and that’s something wearable is desperately needed. When you go over its more controversial features, the problem with Halo is that it doesn’t stand out. In fact, most of the platform’s best features are attached Hello app.

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