The morning after: Is the invisible selfie camera almost here?


When will the end of the notch or the hole-drilling camera be seen? The struggle continues to make on-screen cameras a viable option. Last year’s ZTE Axon 20 5G was the first phone to try a hidden selfie camera, but struggled with image quality. This is a predictable problem: The camera must face the screen, under the influence of what the pixels display.

Oppo has announced its third generation camera below the screen which, based on the sample, shows a lot of promise. Even if it’s the company’s own sample, there’s no noticeable haze or glare. The company explains that this is possible with a combination of electronic engineering and artificial intelligence. Oppo says he trained his own AI engine “using tens of thousands of photos” to achieve more precise corrections to diffraction, white balance and HDR.


Then there is the screen. Earlier designs reduced the pixel density in the area above the camera to let more light into the sensor. This, however, made a noticeable stain above the camera. But now Oppo – or any company that makes screens for their smartphones, perhaps Samsung – has figured out a way to increase light transmission by reducing the geometry of each pixel. In other words, it retains the same pixel density, but more light can reach the camera sensor.

Oppo did not mention a date-or new phone-for the camera below the screen, but ZTE claims that in its new one it will present an improved version of its camera below the screen , which was launched in China last week. The weather is a bit random.

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Probably the best you’ll get this year.

Apple Mac Pro with two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo GPUs


Although it is not , Apple has upgraded the Mac Pro with new premium GPU options. AMD’s Radeon Pro W6800X, W6800X Duo and W6900X cards highlight 50 percent improved performance per watt compared to their Vega II predecessors. They all include four Thunderbolt 3 ports and an HDMI 2 connector, with support for Infinity Fabric Link that allows up to four GPUs (like two W6800X Duo modules) to talk to each other five times faster than PCIe.

That performance will, of course, cost you: $ 2,400 extra to configure the new Mac Pro with the W6800X inside, $ 4,600 for the W6800X Duo, and $ 5,600 for the W6900X. Do your best and you can spend $ 9,600 on two W6800X Duos or $ 11,600 on two W6900X modules. Keep reading.

Expect an update later today.

The Atlas V rocket with a Boeing CST-100 Starliner capsule was seen after the launch of the International Space Station was postponed due to a test flight to Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA on July 30, 2021. REUTERS / Joe Skipper

Joe Skipper / reuters

Boeing will have to wait again to test its Starliner spacecraft. The company and NASA planned to launch the capsule on Tuesday on top of the Atlas V rocket at 1:20 p.m. ET yesterday, but the company had to delay launch due to “unexpected indications of valve position in the propulsion system” observed by engineers during pre-launch preparations. Keep reading.

No taste for Mountain Dew.

Xbox Donut Crispy Cream

Engadget, Mat Smith

As promised, we bought the celebrated Xbox donut Krispy Cream, with a nexus powdered sugar design. Do we own an Xbox? No. But do we like donuts? Yes. Keep reading.

For a limited time, but probably until ‘Halo Infinite’ arrives.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have partnered with Waze to bring in Master Chief and Escharum, its Banished Foil Infinitely‘s upcoming campaign story, in the navigation app. It is also possible to change your car’s live map icon to Warthog or Ghost and update the “mood” of your profile to show the appearance of a Spartan or alien warlord. Keep reading.

The merchant’s contactless payment system is available in 53 of his physical stores.

Amazon is offering a $ 10 promotional loan to get people to sign up for its palm payment system, according to an offer it spotted TechCrunch. The retailer launched Amazon One last fall as a contactless way to verify the authenticity of a purchase and allow entry into stores using a biometric device. The registration process is the only part that requires you to touch the device. After that, just run your palm over the scanner to enter the store and complete the purchase.

Amazon is aware of privacy concerns and has promised to protect palm data with encryption and dedicated protected zones with limited access controls. For those concerned that their data could be monetized, Amazon has also committed to keeping palm data separate from other customer data. In this regard, the $ 10 voucher may not sway those who are already upset by horror stories about the company’s face recognition technology and . Keep reading.

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