The Google data leak gave us an insight into the upcoming Nest cameras and doorbells


Maybe Google has started preparing to launch its upcoming Nest cameras, which is why they appeared in the company’s store for a very short period. Although lists are no longer available from this writing, The Verge he could take a look before they disappeared. Apparently, the technology giant will present Nest’s battery-powered camera, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, another camera that comes with spotlights and a wired indoor camera. Among the leaked products is a battery-powered Nest doorbell.

Google (screenshots courtesy of The Verge)

Unfortunately, the ads did not link to individual product pages and only returned curious users to the main page of the Google Store. We will have to wait for official information to learn more about the devices. By releasing the doorbell of Nest on the battery and cameras equipped with reflectors, Google will finally be able to offer a real rival to Amazon safety devices. When the technology giant first announced it would launch a new Nest line in January, it did not say when the products would be available. However, it was written that the setting is for 2021, so it will most likely be available for purchase in the coming months.

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