The birds are testing the fence system to slow down the scooter in areas with a lot of pedestrians



The next time you rent a bird scooter, don’t try to get past a school or any other area with a lot of pedestrians too quickly. The company has introduced Community Safety Zones, a feature that uses geofencing to automatically limit the speed of its scooters in certain areas.

When traveling through the Community Safety Zone, the company’s scooters will not go faster than 8 miles per hour. You will see the mapped zones in the Bird app, and the software will display a message when you enter one to explain why your vehicle is slowing down.

The company pilots this function in Miami, Marseille and Madrid. In the coming weeks, Bird says he will work with civil servants on the implementation of geo-funded zones in all more than 250 cities in which he operates globally. Initially, the zones will concentrate on schools, although in the future they could include areas around parks and shopping malls.

Community safety zones are part of Bird’s ongoing security effort. In July, the company introduced Safe Start, which asks users to enter a keyword when they want to rent a scooter between 22:00 and 04:00 local time. Bird uses Safe Start to check if a potential buyer is sober enough to drive one of their vehicles.

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