T-Mobile will close the Sprint LTE network by June 30, 2022


T-Mobile has finally confirmed when it will shut down Sprint’s LTE network as part of the mobile operator’s assimilation acquired April last year. It has been said Easy to read that it will close the service by June 30, 2022. Since the completion of the $ 26 billion merger, T-Mobile has been employed using Sprint Spectrum to expand expanding its 5G network.

However, the transition was not completely smooth. As the agreement raised competition concerns, antitrust regulators set a number of conditions to cross it across every border. The goal was to make Dish Network the new fourth national operator. To achieve this, T-mobile was ordered to hand over the spectrum, the prepaid mobile brand Boost — and 9 million users who signed up for it — and to act as a network provider of Dish for up to seven years.

However, the partnership was disrupted when T-Mobile announced that it would shut down Sprint’s CDMA network, which most of those 9 million users use, by January 2022. Dish hit T-Mobile over the ua decision letter to the FCC earlier this year, accusing him of anti-competitive behavior. Just a few weeks ago, Dish decided to jump from T-Mobile’s network to AT&Ts as part of a new ten-year contract.

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