HBO Max is adding scripted stories to its growing podcast library


HBO Max has dramatically expanded its Podcast program in the last two years, expanding from 4 shows in 2019 to 25 today, and many serve as links and backing tracks in various HBO series. But that will soon change as the company announced on Wednesday that it plans to expand its online audio offering to include original, scripted programming and review shows.

“Our viewers tell us that, more than any other streaming platform, they want to talk and dissect HBO Max programming to friends and family to prolong the emotional experience after the episode ends,” said Joshua Walker, chief strategy officer for HBO Max. – it is stated in the announcement. He cites the collective investment of Max Podcast fans in the existing program as the driving force behind the company’s decision.

The new list of screenwriting shows will include the long-awaited ones Batman: Audio Adventure with Jeffrey Wright and Prime Minister this fall, a review of A band of brothers September 9 (20th anniversary of the show), and We remain in search – continued Issa Rae’s Insecure the accompanying show and the first script of the HBO podcast. HBO is also expanding its partnership with Audacity to headlines like Lovecraft Country Radio i The Chernobyl Podcast in the streaming platform library.

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