Ghost of Tsushima’s co-op multiplayer mode gets a standalone release


Since last fall, Sony The spirit of Tsushima has included free a cooperative multiplayer mode called Legends. As long as you had a copy of the game, you had access to it. However, similar to what Rockstar did Red Dead Online, Sony now plans to offer a standalone version of Legends.

Available from September 3, the company will sell this fashion edition for $ 19.99. Aside from some in-game cosmetics, you can only make money by playing The spirit of Tsushima a single player story, everything included in the version that comes with the entire game is also present here, and you can also play with those who possess the entire experience. The first point is important because Sucker Punch has various free updates planned for Legendsof which the most significant is a new way of working called Rivals, which comes out on the same day as the independent edition.

Take a page from Destiny 2 Gambit mode, Rivals oppose two teams of two people against a wave of enemies. As you defeat enemies, you will earn a resource called “Magatama,” which you can use to delay an opposing team by doing things like throwing swear words at them. Once you spend enough Magatama, you will unlock the last wave. Defeat it and you will win the match.

Sucker Punch also plans other upgrades for Legends, including various quality of life adjustments. Starting Sept. 10, the studio also plans to release content every week through Oct. 1. Players can look forward to new survival maps and a more challenging version of last year’s attack.

If you decide you want to play The spirit of Tsushima single player story Once you have experienced Legends yourself, you can purchase the upgrade at Director’s Cut, which includes the full story and a new island to explore, for $ 40 on the PS4 or $ 50 on the PS5.

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