WhatsApp adds “look once” missing photos to the app



WhatsApp adds photo messages in your application. The new feature, called “view once” photos, allows users to send photos and videos in chats that can only be viewed once before they disappear.

The Snapchat-like feature is similar to a missing photo of Instagram and Messenger . When capturing an image in WhatsApp, users can select the timer icon to set the photo to “view once”. Unlike regular photo or video messages, “view once” images will not be viewed in chat and cannot be downloaded to your device.

Facebook charges for this feature as one for “private moments” or for sending potentially sensitive information such as Wi-Fi passwords. As always, people should be careful how “private” such messages are. U , the company notes that the recipient can still take a screenshot or take a screen while opening a “look once” photo and, unlike Snapchat, WhatsApp will not send to the sender that it was taken. The company also points out that the reported “look once” photos will be visible to WhatsApp.

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