The president of Blizzard ‘resigned’ in the middle of a lawsuit for sexual discrimination and harassment


The leadership of Blizzard Entertainment is defeated after California a lawsuit for sexual discrimination and harassment. Study President J. Allen Brack, who was named in the lawsuit, is “descending“from her role. Vice President of Development CEO Jen Oneal and CEO Mike Ybarra (also a former Xbox CEO) will take his place as co-leader.

The company did not formally explain the way out, but expressed a desire to change the company’s culture. It is said that Oneal and Ybarra will strive to make Blizzard a “workplace where you can get the most” and help “restore your trust”.

Brack said earlier in the company’s e-mail (shared by Bloombergis Jason Schreier) that he was against harassment and “fraternal culture”. As Massively Overpowered notedhowever, California accused Brack of failing to take “no effective corrective action” to combat sexual harassment in the company. The CEO reportedly had several conversations with employee Alex Afrasiabi about his drinking and harassment of women, but offered nothing more than counseling in an attempt to correct the behavior.

There was certainly pressure on Blizzard to change the lead. The workers gave up programmer code rejecting the initial answer to sue, inciting a protest protest. Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick even signaled an early reaction as a “deaf tone” and promised swift action to improve the company’s culture. In that light, Brack’s departure isn’t surprising at all – it’s one of the fastest and easiest actions the company could have taken.

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