Spotify is testing whether free users will pay a dollar to skip songs


Streaming services are accepting cheaper subscription plans in an attempt to turn free users into paying users. After the news oa YouTube Premium Lite offering yesterday, Spotify is the latest streamer to confirm a cheaper level. The world’s largest music streaming service tests a $ 0.99 monthly plan that retains ads but allows you to endlessly skip by the hour and lets you select specific songs on an album or playlist. Spotify, which confirmed the test The Verge, hopes it can convince you to submit ads in exchange for more control over your listening experience. In other words, he wants to eat his cake and eat it.

Currently, free users can skip just six songs per hour and have to listen to random songs on albums and playlists. It’s a big shame if you’re tired of hearing Justin Bieber or just want to repeat that new Billie Eillish song. Despite these incentives, persuading people to pay for an ad-supported service, even if it’s only $ 0.99 a month, remains a big issue. Especially when they’re used to getting it for free. Again, video streamers love it Hulu i HBO Max either they have done it successfully or they are trying.

The risk is that it could get into existing Spotify premium user base, which make up 165 million of the 365 million subscribers. Clearly, the goal is to turn the remaining 200 million users into paying members. It is possible that the low price of $ 0.99 facilitates this transition. We’ll know if gambling paid off if Spotify expands the plan to more users. In the past, the company has done just that with new plans, including its $ 12.99 a month Duo level aimed at discouraging password sharing and its upcoming Lossless “HiFi” offer.

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