I tried the Krispy Kreme Xbox donut


I’m ambivalent in terms of brand synergies — typically hollow business deals stemming from the mistaken belief that yes, these two things work together and will sell more … something. Microsoft – more precisely, Xbox – likes to tie its onyx consoles to food companies, soft drinks and other. While they promoted the Xbox One X only in the US, there were some cooperation with Taco Bell, Doritos, Mountain Dew and, lo and behold, Totin’s pizzas.

On the other hand, I love it too donuts.

Engadget, Mat Smith

In the UK, the American donut company Krispy Kreme is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox with an ice donut decorated to look like a console connection symbol. If you’re willing to buy a box of 12, you’ll also get a code with a chance to win a Series X. However, I live alone and have poor self-control, so I bought a box of three — for photos, of course.

I don’t think green is particularly appealing to treats, but does it sell Xbox brands – in some way? The color seems closer to the shade of green Krispy Cream, and is not as vibrant as the almost lime Xbox logo. A thin layer of green glaze has no aroma, and there is also powdered sugar powder which indicates cooperation. By the way, yes, it’s a stuffed Krispy Cream, an inflated delicious donut with yeast. I’m not here to discuss cakes versus yeast donuts – please share that with me on Twitter.

Then I took a deeper bite. Maybe it’s a connection to Mountain Dew with the past of video games, but I was afraid of some kind of aggressive nonsense from jam / jelly or neon fondant. Luckily, instead: a thick, rich chocolate candy cake that’s pretty tasty, but not overly smeared.

A limited edition donut is on sale in the UK until 22 August.

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