22 best wireless chargers (2021): pads, stands, iPhone docks and more


Wireless charging is not almost as cool as it sounds. It’s not very wireless – the cable runs from the socket to the charging pad – and it won’t charge your smartphone faster than if you plug it in with a good old cable. Despite this, I am always disappointed when I do test the phone it does not support. I’m used to simply throwing my phone on the mat every night, and fishing for a cable in the dark seems like a pain to me. It is a pure convenience more than anything else.

After testing more than 50 filling products last year, we ranked good from bad (and there are certainly bad ones) and identified the best wireless chargers. There are so many styles, shapes and building materials that you have many options, including stands, pads, wireless batteries and one that even serves as a headphone stand.

Be sure to check out our many other shopping guides, including The best Android phones,, The best cheap phones,, The best iPhone, i The best equipment for working from home. Simon Hill also contributed to this guide.

Updated August 2021: We have added several new selections from Samsung, Sonix, Mophie, Nimble, Powme, Nomad, Einova, Moshi and Totallee.

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Note on charging speed and compatibility

You will see “Compatible with iPhone and Android phones“Below each slider, which means the charger has a standard charging speed 7.5 watts for iPhone or 10 watts for Android phones (including Samsung Galaxy phones). If it charges faster or slower, we will indicate that. We’ve tested them on multiple devices, but there’s always a chance that the phone will charge slowly or won’t work because the case is too thick or its charging coil doesn’t fit well with the charger.

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