The next ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ event is the ‘Extraction’ announcement


Ubisoft has revealed the following limited time event for , and that could whet your appetite . The Containment event features a new game mode called Nest Destruction, in which you will try to rebuild or defend an alien nest on an updated version of the consulate map.

The attackers play as a team of REACT agents tasked with destroying nests. They will oppose “the Protean team, a deadly archaic variant that can accept the form of a REACT operator,” Ubisoft said. These creatures can mimic the behavior of the operator and will move quickly, but can only use attacks in close attack, such as Aruni’s blow and special abilities. The attack team can only use standard loading without modifiers, and the list of operators is limited. In addition to successfully destroying or defending a nest, teams can also win by deleting opponents.

The event sounds intriguing, but its timing is a bit strange. The regime is inspired R6 extraction, which was to arrive in September. Last month, Ubisoft release date until January. Still, Nest Destruction could give you a taste of the next game in the Rainbow Six series.

The fun event will be available from August 3 to 24. Between August 13 and 15, R6 wins it will be free to play so everyone can join and watch the event. Ubisoft will award double bonus Battle Pass points over the weekend.

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