The bandcamp will continue to waive its fees one day a month until the end of 2021


Since March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic really hit most of the world, waived his commissions every first Friday of the month. The the initiative now continues until the end of the year. The next edition will be held on August 6.

Nearly 800,000 music lovers took part in Bandcamp Friday, paying artists and labels $ 56 million. On Fridays at Bandcamp, artists and labels receive approximately 93 percent of sales revenue after payment processing fees. Every other day of the month, artists and labels still receive approximately 82 percent of their purchase income,

Although the world is slowly returning to normal, and musicians can play again in some regions the long-term financial impact of a pandemic is something that artists and labels (especially less so) are still dealing with. Initiatives like Bandcamp Friday could put extra money in their pockets to reduce some of the effort, so it’s good to see that Bandcamp continues its efforts for a few more months.

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