An Apple TV error turns off the sound of some purchased and rented movies


Some people who buy or rent movies on Apple TV encounter a big problem while watching movies . Occasionally movies are played without sound, according to . The error reportedly affects various systems that support the TV application, including , Apple TV and other streaming devices, such as sticks and . The problem seems to have been occurring for at least the last month.

The cause of the problem is not clear. 9to5 Mac speculates that the TV application may not be decoding the audio properly due to digital rights management (DRM) issues. According to the report, users have achieved mixed success in seeking refunds due to problems – Apple does not appear to have met all such customer requirements, although it is not clear why. Engadget contacted Apple for comment.

Whatever the cause of the problem, it’s undoubtedly frustrating to spend money on renting or buying a movie just to find that you’re missing out on a significant portion of the experience. If you encounter this problem, it may be worth linking your Apple account and make sure the movies you bought in the iTunes Store play correctly there.

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