Amazon has made a $ 55 soap dispenser that reminds you to wash for 20 seconds



Amazon has quietly unveiled a new one Smart soap dispenser who works with Alexa Voice Assistant. Spotted AFTVnews, the gadget includes a set of 10 LED lights that will count down while washing your hands for 20 seconds recommended by the CDC to prevent germs and harmful bacteria.

Like the Alexa Gadget, you can also pair a smart soap dispenser with a compatible Echo device to access a supported Alexa routine that will play your favorite song or tell you a joke or fun fact as you delete it. This is an optional feature, and the dispenser itself does not include a microphone or speaker. You also don’t need an Echo device to access its best trick. Depending on how far below the nozzle you keep your hand, the device will provide you with more or less soap from a 12-ounce tank. The closer you hold the handle of the nozzle, the less soap will be released.

Outside of these features, the Smart Soap Dispenser comes with an 802.11n WiFi connection like it didn’t come and go in 2009, and a micro-USB port (shake) for when you need to charge the device. Amazon says the internal battery can last about three months on a single charge.

Amazon’s $ 54.99 Smart Soap Dispenser is significantly more expensive than many of the “stupid” automatic soap dispensers you can buy, including many you’ll find on Amazon’s own market. It also seems to be a year late. Many technology companies have also added hand washing characteristics last year, and the latest science indicates a coronavirus it rarely spreads over surfaces. However, as of today, you can pre-order the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser, and orders are expected on August 4th.

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